With our managed IT support, Internet services offering and Security solutions, you can rest assured knowing all your IT needs are serviced and maintained.
Support Agreement for Preventative Maintenance or SAPM for short.
In the ever-changing IT Landscape and our reliance on technology we need to keep our Computer, Software & Backup Systems running smoothly to avoid service interruption. Just as you would service your delivery vehicles regularly through an accredited mechanic, we suggest you service & maintain your IT Infrastructure in the same way to keep things running smoothly, because IT is complicated enough!


Knowledgeable, solid support and quality of work.

Managed IT Services

We offer a variety of managed IT support services, ranging from computer and laptop repairs, software assistance and day to day IT headaches.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Keeping proper backups of your important information has become vital for users and business owners alike.

Microsoft Office 365

We offer MS Office 365 solutions for home users and help you to set it up.  For businesses, we offer managed Microsoft Office 365solutions.

Remote Support

As long as your computer can connect to the Internet, we can take care of you from a distance.

Hardware Sales

Whether you need entry level for personal or office use or are looking to join the gaming elite, we are sure to get you the very best.

Data Security Solutions

Frome Antivirus solutions for home users, to business data security.